Meet Monica

I have spent the last 18 years helping individuals, teams and organizations identify goals, create action plans, and reach success. It is my passion and I am blessed to be able to live my passion every day!


EDUCATION – When I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be “when I grew up”, I figured that management was a good choice. My thought process – in management, I can help companies identify and reach strategic goals AND help my direct reports reach their personal growth goals as well. The best of both worlds! I received my BA in Business with an Emphasis in Management in 1995.

I received training in change management (how people react and deal with change) and process improvement (Six Sigma and Lean) from 2001-2006 and continue to grow my toolset and skills in these areas. I received a Masters in Professional Studies with a concentration in Medical and Healthcare Information Technologies in 2014. I received my Project Management Professional certification in 2015 and am currently in the process of completing my certification in Strategic Intervention.

CAREER – After college, I held several different jobs in several different industries and finally landed in healthcare. I started as an administrative assistant and after a lot of hard work and a lot of long days, I was working my way up the ladder but my ultimate goal was to become a consultant and help healthcare organizations cut costs and streamline processes. After all my success, I was so excited about my dream! I felt unstoppable… Until the day I was told that I “would never be a consultant”. I was crushed! I had learned so much over the years, editing presentations, working with the sales team, managing the contracts, managing data… I truly felt I was ready for the next step. Being told that I would never make it to the next level was absolutely heart breaking.

Long story short, I left healthcare to try my hand at a few different industries and I did have some success. Time and time again, I was told that I was good with people and I earned their respect because of my focus on professional and personal growth in myself and others. After several years, I found my way back into the healthcare industry. Again, I worked my way up the ladder and a little over a year later, I FINALLY received my promotion to Consultant in 2005. I was ecstatic. Words cannot describe how excited I was to be the one working with the clients, facilitating improvements, and communicating with leadership about their successes.

Since then, my passion to help others has grown. If I can help one person have a better day, break through a barrier, or create remarkable results, that is a good day. I continue to be inspired by those that I work with and I am blessed to work with amazing and strong men and women every day.

Moral of the story: Do not give up on your dreams. There may be detours. You may get discouraged. You must follow your passion. Pursue what you want. And do not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do!

RELATIONSHIPS – After one failed marriage, another failed engagement and a lot of heartbreak …  I’ll call them “learning experiences”, I met Ray. Ray is an amazing man and an incredible father to his kids. He is truly the love of my life and my world has never been the same since the day we met! He is my best friend and I wake up every day in awe of the love that we share. (Too corny? Don’t care!)

The day I met Ray’s two kids, I knew my life would never be the same. I love both of them more than I knew I could love two kids! I want to be a good role model for them and show them that perseverance and a positive attitude will bring success. I absolutely love and cherish my little family.

Moral of the story: Everything happens for a reason. I know that I would not appreciate Ray and his kids as much as I do if I hadn’t had those “learning experiences”. I had to have the bumps in the road so that I could truly appreciate Ray and everything that he brings into my life.


Constructive Feedback – I encourage you to give me constructive feedback on my blogs. I love learning. I love growing. I love being successful. I love inspiring others do the same – so let’s grow and learn together. If you have things to add to my blog, I invite you to do that. Let’s make the comments constructive and positive. A sharing of ideas and how we can do things better!

Let me know how I can help  you – What do you want to learn more about? What are you curious about? What successes do you want to share? I welcome guest blogs! Let’s learn and grow together.